The Day of the Dead Activities for Elementary Students

Whether you are looking for Día de los Muertos activities for your elementary students or planning some ideas for your students to do, this blog post is for you.

Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos)

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday where families have a brief reunion of the spirits of their deceased relatives. The people celebrate this holiday with food and drinks on November 2nd.

Día de los Muertos Activities for Elementary Students

Day of the Dead Crack the Code Printable Worksheets

Don't we all love our students to be challenged in the classroom? This crack-the-code word puzzle worksheet is everyone's favorite; your students can do this for the Day of the Dead! 

Not only that, but you can also use these print and go word games worksheets for early finishers, bellringers, or even homework! 

Check this crack the code activity here.

Escape the Day of the Dead 

Have your students ever thought of helping someone escape the Day of the Dead? If they have, let them help Felipe escape Dia de los Muertos in this low-prep escape room!

Printing, making copies, and cutting the challenge cards should take 20 minutes or less. You can get an envelope for each team and put their copies inside. You can look around and guide them as each team does the challenges.

Check this escape room activity here.

The tasks include:

  1. cryptogram puzzle
  2. picture puzzle
  3. Add within 20 maze
  4. word search
  5. logic puzzle

The great news is your kindergarten students can also play this escape room if they have already started studying/practicing addition within 20. So think of this game as their math review during the Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead Reading Comprehension Worksheets

These print and go worksheets contain nine short reading passages about Día de los Muertos. Your elementary students will also learn some Day of the Dead vocabulary words, such as guaguas de pan, pan de muerto, sugar skulls, papel picado, and marigolds.

Each passage ranges from 30 - 80 words and has two to three choices. Students can choose if they want the worksheets with choices or if they want to practice their writing skills and write their answers based on the passage.

Check these reading comprehension worksheets here.

These Day of the Dead activities in the classroom are all low and easy prep, especially for teachers who don't have much time to plan. Each of them also includes B&W copies for teachers who don't have access to color inks.

Check out these Día de los Muertos activities here.

Talk soon!

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