FREE Would You Rather Halloween Questions

It's October! Have you already started planning for your October or Halloween activities? If not, why don't you add these Would You Rather Questions for Halloween to your morning routine for October?

What is Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is a conversation starter that poses a dilemma in the form of a question beginning with Would You Rather. Example? Would you rather see your future or your past?

How do you play Would You Rather?

It's easy! Project the slides on your smartboard or laptop, and you can ask individual students which of the choices they would choose instead. 

Here's what I love to do:

First, I ask student A the question and then ask WHY he chooses that answer.

Next, after he starts explaining his answer, I either ask a follow-up question OR ask another student who does not agree with Student A's answer.

Then, I ask more students in the class who agree/disagree with Student A/B to voice their opinion.

And now we have a debate class.

It's pretty fun, and I love how students express themselves, especially if it's an ESL class!

The good thing about these Would You Rather Questions Halloween Edition is they are FREE! You can get these slides once you fill in the form below.

Not a Google Slides user? No problem! You can download the slides as Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF. Just go to File > Download > and choose PowerPoint or PDF from the options.

Talk soon!

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