I have earned my highest income on Teachers Pay Teachers after 6 months of selling!

Indeed, Teachers Pay Teachers is not a sprint; it is a marathon. I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store back in March this year. I found out about it in February, but I first researched it and watched some Youtube videos before I finally opened my store in March. Six months ago, everything was so different. I was still teaching in the classroom. But now, my business and how to grow it is all I can think of.

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But wait, let me catch you on that. We are not talking about four figures just yet. Although I wish I were. But not yet. My goal before the end of the year is to earn $1000 in one month. And to reach 500 products! Possible? YES. Doable? OF COURSE! 

As of this writing, I'm already sitting at 224 products. Nothing is impossible! I'm doing my best to reach my goals because I know excellent hard work pays off. I'm pretty excited to write my goals for 2022. I have bigger plans, and my store will be a year old next March! I can't wait to see my growth and the growth of my store by then.

So, I guess you remember my previous blog post about my TPT Income Report from March to June 2021. My highest month was May. And it was because of my End of Year Escape Room from Boom™. I earned $179. Great, but I believe I could do more. So, during the summer, I focused on product creation. Back to school and everything. 2 months later, I sold very few of those. Meh. Disappointing. 

But the good thing is, every month is different. I have the ability and opportunity to up my earnings every month. It's not always on the low side. And yes, I am being optimistic.

In the whole month of September (currently writing this on the 29th, so technically, September is OVER, getting there...), my earnings on Teachers Pay Teachers are presently sitting at $312.60. 

Three hundred dollars! Wow! Isn't it amazing?! My August was meh (income report in December. Watch out for it!), but September is just wow. Imagine how much I would get next September?! I'm excited! If you ask me, "Keith, what did you do to earn $300 on Teachers Pay Teachers?" Well, here's my answer:

  1. I joined hashtag sales. Check out my hashtag sales post here.
  2. I created Hispanic Heritage Month activities. I sold my most expensive flipbook bundle, which cost $56, and earned $44.80. The key? PLAN AHEAD. 
  3. Create more products. You can't just sit there and expect your store to grow. That's not how it works, hun. I create products every day because this is my full-time job now, and I love every minute of it! 

And now, what I am doing is creating more seasonal and evergreen products. I'm annoyed because I know I must stop creating seasonal products, but I can't help it! Now I am focusing on my evergreen products. I have already thought of a product line, and I can't wait to execute it!

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! And don't forget, you do you!

-The Viral Teacher

P.S. I was watching an old video of Becca Davis on Youtube, and when she showed her phone to the camera, her earnings on that day were almost $250. It's only for one day! My $300 in a month is shaking! Haha! We all started small, so I know I'll get there. Wait for it!


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