How Much Money Can You Make on Teachers Pay Teachers?

 "Can you still make money on Teachers Pay Teachers?" 

"How do you make money on Teachers Pay Teachers?" 

"How much money can you make on Teachers Pay Teachers?" 

A lot of these questions have been going around the Internet for YEARS! But first, what is Teachers Pay Teachers? It is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

And why is it famous for educators? Why do teachers use it? Simple. Because it saves them time in the classroom. We all know teachers are BUSY BEES! They get up early in the morning. They finish work at 3, 4 or 5 PM. They have children or families to tend to. Teachers are humans, just like every one of us. And trust me, they do not have time for everything happening inside and outside the classroom!

So, instead of doing the worksheets and digital resources on their own, they go to Teachers Pay Teachers and look for awesome activities that they can do in class. It saves them their time and sanity.

When I was teaching in an international school, we had to manually write students' reports at the end of the year. At the same time, we had to prepare our lesson plans and end-of-the-year activities. I was lost! I didn't know which one to do first because both of them are important. 

I could have saved so much time by purchasing an end-of-the-year resource on Teachers Pay Teachers and using it again next year. 

If I had known TPT at the time, I wouldn't feel like pulling my hair out from all the things I had to!

Now that I am selling on TPT, I understand the teachers' need for quality resources. Many educators worldwide are still there, checking and buying activities on TPT that they can use in the classroom.

So, can you still make money on Teachers Pay Teachers? The answer is a big fat YES!

But how much can you make money on TPT? That all depends on you, your niche, and your marketing strategy. I know many veteran sellers earn thousands of dollars a month. Look at Deanna Jump. Or my favorite Becca Davis. They are all killing it with their hard work and consistency!

If you check my income reports, you can see that I still make a decent amount of money on TPT. I earned my first four-figure in May 2022, and one of my goals is to achieve four figures consistently. (Watch out for my Q4 income report!)

If you are serious about making money on Teachers Pay Teachers, take a beginner course and learn everything from setting up your store to creating products. I highly recommend joining Lauren Fulton's Rebranded Teacher Academy. You can also watch her Youtube videos or listen to her podcast, where she gives tips to grow your TPT business.

Are you a TPT seller? How long have you been selling? And what are your TPT goals, money-wise? Please share them in the comments below.

Talk soon!


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