Kindergarten Math Escape Room Free Printable

A few days ago, my former Brazilian colleague asked for my help. It was unexpected because I don't reach out to them anymore, but I'm always willing to lend a helping hand even if I'm not working in the same school anymore. 

This colleague of mine was teaching math to kindergarteners. (If she asked me to sub, I wouldn't hesitate to say YES!) And since she knows that I sell resources for teachers (she does not know about my Teachers Pay Teachers store), my colleague asked if she could use one of my math worksheets for her students. I have a lot of fun math resources, but I know everyone will go bananas if they do an escape room. So, I sent her my Free Classifying Objects and Sorting Activity Kindergarten Escape Room.

What are escape rooms?

An escape room is a game in which a team of players discovers clues, solves puzzles, and accomplishes tasks to reach a specific goal in a limited amount of time and "escape" from the room.

How does a math escape room work?

A math escape room is like any other escape room, but the focus is math. Let's say you want your students to practice and master addition within 10; you will create puzzles, riddles, or clues, write an imaginary story, or set up a scavenger hunt for your students to "escape" while adding numbers within 10.

Benefits of an escape room

There are many reasons why an escape room is always a hit in the classroom. 

  1. It develops teamwork. It can also improve the student's communication and social skills.
  2. It increases their problem-solving skills. Escape rooms are a perfect activity for different subjects, such as ELA and science.
  3. They get to think outside the box. Students critically analyze the puzzle and come up with their own solutions.

Free Classifying Objects and Sorting Activity Kindergarten Escape Room

Background: An astronaut is trapped on Planet Orange. Wear your space suit, fly to space, and use your math skills to save the astronaut.

Your students' goal in this free activity is to save the astronaut. How are they going to do that? They need to correctly classify and sort different objects. 

There are 6 challenges, an answer key, and a student's certificate in your free PDF download.

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