Back to School Write the Room Activity for Math and ELA

Children, especially younger ones, like to have a lot of fun in the classroom. They are hunters. They are explorers. They are curious and like going around the classroom and search or pick things. When I learned about this write the room activity, I knew I found the right task (especially for back to school) for my little ones!

What is Write the Room?
Write the Room is like a scavenger hunt! Hang or stick cards around the classroom, then kids are off to find and answer them. They bring their recording sheets with them to record their answers. They go around the classroom to find all the cards and complete their recording sheets. How fun is that?! What's great about this activity is works for any topic! Writing letters/words, answering math problems, read a text and add comprehension questions and many more!

Here are some math and ELA write the room activities I have created for K-2nd grade. Please take note that the questions I included are Common Core aligned and based from the last school year concepts. Example: If you get the write the room activity for 2nd grade, the questions will be 1st grade level.

This write the room math activity is all about counting, addition and subtraction, word problems, comparing numbers, shapes, colors, measuring length, and place value and rounding. I included a lot of skills to review different math topics that they studied last school year. Teachers can choose 10 or 20 cards to hang around the classroom (but the more the merrier, right?!). 

This write the room ELA activity is about alphabets, CVC words, beginning sounds, nouns, capitalization and punctuation, question words, conjunctions, and so many more! Your students will love this activity especially if they loooveee to be challenged! It would be nice to see them up and moving around the room, searching for cards, and thinking of answers. They can even do this individually or in pairs!

How do you prepare for this activity?
It's actually as easy as 1, 2, 3! And requires less preparation which we all love!

1. Print, cut, and laminate the cards. You can print them on card stock so they are durable. You can also re-use them for next school year or use it at the end of the year!

2. Print copies of the recording sheet. Each student should have their own copy.

3. Place the cards around the room. Let your students find them and record their answers on the sheet.

There are things to consider when doing this activity. First is the classroom layout. Avoid putting cards in the areas where you don't want your students to go. Second, how do you want them to get from card to card? Do you want them to answer it in order or answer it as soon as they find a card? Is it going to be in pairs or individual? Are they allowed to run? Is their a time limit? Make sure the rules are clear before they begin exploring the room.

There are many ways to make math and literacy fun in the classroom! If you are looking for engaging back to school activities for your K-2nd graders, this write the room is for you! 

If you're interested in purchasing the whole math and ELA write the room activity for K-2, click here. If you used it in the classroom, please don't forget to tag me on Instagram! :)

P.S. If you are looking for free Google Sheets math and ELA activities for your kiddos, click here.

Talk to you soon!

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