Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Elementary Students

Hispanic Heritage Month is fast approaching. It is celebrated from September 15 through October 15 in the United States. This is a time to celebrate and honor the culture and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

There are many Hispanic Heritage Month resources and fun ideas for our elementary students to get to know these influential Hispanic Americans who contributed to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. Here are some of them:

1. Read books about famous Latino leaders. There are many picture books and graphic novels for our students to explore the names, culture, and identity of the people in the Latinx history.

Click here to read the 9 Must-Read Children's Books for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

2. Watch movies that showcase Hispanic culture. I'm sure everyone knows the song "Remember Me" and the movie Coco. In the last part of the movie, I cried buckets of tears when Miguel sang Remember Me to his Abuela. 

3. Music. My students are just like me. They love to sing, so I'm sure they will enjoy this activity! This is also the best time to expose our students to all different kinds of music in Spanish. Or if your kids also like to speak or learn some Spanish words, it's best to incorporate it with songs! Check this Youtube video about teaching, speaking, and singing Spanish songs for kids. You may also want to check this video from Becca's Music Room about the 10 Spanish Songs for Hispanic Heritage Month that your elementary music students will love.

4. Set up your bulletin board with quotes or biographies from famous Hispanic people.

5. Learn some Spanish words. There are a lot of benefits of learning a new language, one of which is to increase cultural awareness. It helps us break down cultural barriers, build cultural bridges, and learn how to love and appreciate people who are different from us.

6. Assign a biography project. You can assign your students a research project they can do individually or in pairs. They can display the booklets in the hallway, by the school entry, or even in the classroom for the whole month of Hispanic Heritage Month.

7. Create posters and banners. This is also a great way to improve their creativity and learn more about these famous Hispanic Americans. They can display it on the bulletin board or in the classroom. They can even take it home and show their parents their work.

8. Eat traditional Hispanic food. This is probably my favorite of all! Do you know that there are some Latin dishes to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month? Students can try empanadas (Argentina), sopaipillas (Chile), arepas (Colombia), picadillo (Cuba), and so many more! Ok, now I'm hungry.

9. Hispanic Heritage Month Quiz Game ShowYour students will go CRAZY with this quiz game show once they learn about the lives of some influential Hispanic figures.

This quiz game show is a multiple-choice type of game using PowerPoint. This is a no print no digital prep game that provides immediate feedback and saves you a lot of time in the classroom! Your students are going to have fun and learn all at the same time!
There are 5 rounds in this game:
Round 1: Tito Puente
Round 2: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Round 3: Celia Cruz
Round 4: Selena
Round 5: Q & A
Each round has 7-10 questions. The students can score 10 points, 20 points, lose a turn, OR... the most fun part is that they swap their points with another group! 😆 Can you already imagine the look on their faces when they get this?!

Many resources are available for our students to learn more about this important holiday. But the most important of all is for us to know about their cultures and honor influential Hispanics who have impacted society.

Leave some comments on how you will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your students!

Talk to you soon!
The Viral Teacher

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