FREE Parts of Speech Game Show ESL Activity

If you check my previous post, you will know that PowerPoint game shows were a hit in my classroom! My students were begging for more! And if my students loved this game, I'm pretty sure your students would love this too!

And this is why I created a free interactive PowerPoint game about parts of speech.

This game show consists of 20 questions to review and practice the parts of speech. It is engaging and provides immediate feedback that every teacher loves because it saves them so much time in the classroom!

How does this game show work?

1. Set up 4 teams/students to play this game.
2. Team A chooses any question from the Question Board. When they answer the question, click "Check Answer" to see if their answer is correct. Go back to Question Board and input the score if they answer it correctly.

But here's the catch...

Not everybody will score points even if their answer is correct. Some answers will give them "no points", "lose a turn", but there is also, "this question is worth 5 points" which makes the game show more fun and exciting!

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Let me know what other digital games you want to see!

Talk soon!
The Viral Teacher

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