My 2021 Goals: How Did I Do?

Hi friends! February is fast approaching, but it's still January so this blog post is still very timely. I was not really a "planner-girl" ever since. I had a Starbucks planner that I got as a gift when I was still in Vietnam and I didn't really use it for anything. I like it because it's pink, but that's about it. Now, I use it for my product ideas.

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Anyway fast forward to last year, I decided to write some small goals related to my business. I don't remember the exact time I wrote this, but it's probably around September when I started earning *real* money that I told myself I needed goals so I know where I'm going with this.

Let's pretend it's still 2021.


  1. Reach $1000 or more on TPT, Boom, or both. 
  2. Reach 250 products or more.
  3. Travel
  4. Be more financially stable
  5. Save for a flight ticket to the Philippines
  6. Get a printer
It is recommended that we check our goals every day (and that's what I do now) to feel motivated and inspired, but last year Keith would just write them down and forget they exist. Now, before I go to bed, I open my quarterly and daily planner so the next day when I sit down, I will be reminded of my tasks for the day and the goals I want to achieve so I know I'm going in the right direction.

Let's break down each of the goals above.

  • If you check my July to December income report here, you will know that I've achieved this goal! It's such a happy moment when you hit your money goals! I was not expecting I'd hit this on the last month of the year! To be honest, I already gave up on the thought that I'd earn it in 2021, but the universe has its own way of surprising you when you know you've worked hard for it!
  • At the end of December, I reached 390 products! I had a stretch goal to up to 400 products, but I was traveling and enjoying my break so that's all I ever wanted to do at the time. All my focus and attention were on creating products last year, so that's what I did! 
  • I traveled to Sao Paulo and Tres Lagoas in December! I miss the time when I was in Sao Paulo because I get to eat a lot of authentic Asian food! We've visited a lot of museums, too! And my boyfriend got to ride the metro for the first time! 😄

  • I was not able to save anymore after all the traveling and eating out I did last month. I got broke, but I was happy! But this 2022, I'm practicing how to handle my money better and I have financial goals I want to achieve! 
  • This year is the year I'll save for a flight ticket.... or a car! 
  • Having a printer at home is one of the best TPT investments I've made! Watch out for my blog post about it!
So, I can confidently say I hit most of my goals in 2021. It is not as serious and as in-depth as my goals now, but glad I was able to work my way towards those small goals! This year, I have created a system and I'm focusing on that. How did you do in 2021? Let me know in the comments below! You can also DM me on Instagram

-The Viral Teacher

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