Teachers Pay Teachers Income Report from July to December 2021

Hello, friends! And Happy New Year! It's 2022, and I'm excited to start the year on the right foot! I accomplished most of my goals last year (feels like a long time!), and I'm rewarding myself with a... not telling! 😁

This blog post is about my TPT income report from July to December 2021. If you're not comfortable talking about money, please click out. I didn't write this post to brag but to inspire other teachers (that are looking for side hustles or plan to quit their teaching job in the future) that you can make money on Teachers Pay Teachers with hard work and consistency.

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Let's begin!


As we all know, June and July are the lowest months on TPT, depending on what you're selling, so I'm not expecting anything (also because I'm still relatively new). 

One of the things that I stopped doing is having a specific money goal for each month. My aim now is to earn more than what I received last month. I was slightly disappointed with my August earnings because I thought my hard work from June and July from product creation would pay off, but boy, was I wrong. At the time, I wasn't very knowledgeable about SEO and other important things. Or maybe teachers weren't just looking for my products. Or my previews were not enough. Or I was expecting too much 😄
But my sales skyrocketed a month later. At the time, I told myself, "I think I found my niche," "I think I know what people want now," or "My store has finally found a direction!" The best tip I could give: work on your previews! I won't buy a product without a preview, so if I'm going to offer one, I need to put the best preview out there!



One of the best Christmas gifts I received in 2021 was hitting $600! It's the last month of the year, and it ended with a bang! I was so surprised! I was traveling at the time, and whenever I turn on my data/wifi, I hear cha-chings. My jaw dropped! My hard work paid off, and I'm so glad I put a lot of effort into my seasonal products. Trust me; they're worth your time!

If there is one best advice I could give you after my ten months on TPT, that would be to create high-quality resources that can fill the gap. There's one more-- you don't need to do everything. If it's your first year, focus on creating products and save the marketing for later (that's what I usually hear from the veteran or experienced sellers, but to each their own). I started Pinterest after hitting a certain number of products (they say 50 is the magic number). After four months, I started my blog. And on the last week of December 2021, I started my email list. If I do all those things simultaneously, I'll go crazy! 😄 

What is one thing you learned in 2021 about your business? Let me know in the comments below. My DM is also open if you have questions.

-The Viral Teacher


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