What I Invested in my TPT Store in 2022

Did I tell you how excited I was for 2023? 2022 was terrific, and I can't wait to start 2023 with a bang! So many amazing things happened last year, and I can't believe how much I've grown as a TPT seller and an individual.

It's funny how in 2021, I was totally against purchasing things such as clip arts. I would use free clip arts and free tools to flatten my PDFs. But a lot can really happen in a year. So, in this blog post, I will talk about the apps, websites, or courses that helped me grow my TPT store in 2022, and I will continue to use them in the coming years.

Ubersuggest - $40 Basic Lifetime Plan

Ubersuggest is a powerful and excellent SEO tool that provides insightful data related to a specific keyword query on sites like Google or Youtube. As a TPT seller, I use Ubersuggest for searching products and blog titles. It also gives me ideas on what to write next and which blog post I should optimize.

I got a basic lifetime plan for $40, which is a steal! Be aware that it has limited features than the individual lifetime plan ($120), but as long as it does the work for me, I'm satisfied with my $40.

Canva Pro - $55/year

I can't live without Canva. I use it for everything: pins, social media posts, making covers and thumbnails, adding video previews to my products, creating products, and editing TPT banners. You name it. Canva has it all!

Flatpack - $65

If you create products on PowerPoint, you MUST have Flatpack. Initially, I was hesitant about the price, and I was (and still am) into digital resources, "so why purchase Flatpack?" But thank the TPT gods, I decided to purchase it on sale during the TPT sitewide sale in February, and I have no regrets!

I have been creating worksheets, and flattening and securing them only takes a second because of Flatpack. It is a time saver and well worth the money.

It's a one-time purchase, so I recommend waiting for the February TPT sale if you want to save 25%. Add it to your wishlist so you don't forget it exists.


I mentioned in this blog post that 2022 was a year of learning for me. I purchased three courses and joined a planning workshop (that I will write about at the end of 2023). I am always a cheapskate, but if I want my business to grow, I will need help. 

Here is the breakdown of the courses and their prices:

And that is for a total of $269. 

By the way, I talked about these courses in this blog post, so if you are interested to know what they are, click this link to find out.

Grammarly - $115.20

I think we all know what Grammarly is for. But in a nutshell, Grammarly helps with spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and so on. 2023 is a year of batching emails and blog posts, and Grammarly helps me with that.


I bought a Kindle Paperwhite in May, and since then, I've indulged myself in reading. Here are my top three book recommendations that have made a massive impact on me as an individual:

  • The One Thing by Gary Keller
  • Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear

And speaking of books, I gave myself a budget of $20 to buy all the books I needed, and I got three! 

  • Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon
  • Email Marketing that Doesn't Suck by Bobby Klinck
  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

I'm not great at writing reviews, but I will try to write one when I finish these books.

Clip arts and some fonts

Every TPT seller knows this, so I won't get into details. But if you ask me how much I spent in clip arts in 2022, it's A LOT. So, better not to ask.

My store has grown a lot, so whenever I invest in something, whether a course or a self-help book, I tell myself, "the business has finally paid for itself."

So, there you have it! I listed them in my handy dandy notebook, so I hope I do not forget anything. As a TPT seller, what did you invest in your store in 2022? And did it make a lot of impact in your store? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk soon.

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