Black History Month Reading Comprehension Passages and ELA Activities for 1st to 2nd Grade Students

Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of African Americans to our nation's history and culture. These learning activities will help students learn about the achievements of African Americans during Black History Month.

Reasons why you need these Black History Month Worksheets:

  • You want your students to learn about the remarkable contributions of African Americans.
  • You want your students to be able to use the worksheets with ease.
  • You want your students to be engaged in the activities on these Black History Month worksheets and other resources.

Here are the activities included:

Short reading comprehension passages

Reading comprehension passages is a great way to reinforce your student's knowledge of a topic and their ability to find the main idea. These passages are perfect for ESL learners, as well. You can use them as a quiz or test prep activity or as part of your daily lesson plan to check student understanding before moving on with the lesson.

  • Multiple choice questions (MCQ) are available after each passage so students can determine if they've fully understood what was read.
  • This is also an opportunity for you to assess how well your students comprehended the reading material by asking them WH questions (who/what/why/where).

A writing booklet

In this activity, students will create an easy booklet to fill in the person's full name, date and place of birth, career, fun fact, and date of death.

True or false activity

To do this activity, you will need to understand the main idea of each passage and be able to identify specific details. 

You will also need a partner or group of people with whom to work on this task. You should divide into groups of two or three students so that everyone can have their copy of the passage.

Opinion writing prompt

Students will complete the following:

MLK is... because...


Students will be presented with five sentences from the passage. They will demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization. 

Nouns and verbs

They will read the text and identify the nouns (singular and plural) and verbs (regular and irregular).

Dictionary time!

To do this activity, students need a dictionary (an online dictionary will do, too). The unknown words will be coming from the passage, and they will find the meaning and write them down on the worksheet.

Picture puzzles

I decided to add this extra activity for students to make it more fun and challenging. For each set, there will be four picture puzzles that students need to solve individually or in small groups.

The ELA activities included are Common-Core aligned. All you need to do is print copies for each student/group and start learning. These worksheets are perfect for 1st to 2nd graders and ESL learners.

Your download also includes a Google Slides presentation if you want to save paper. In the slides, you will get the following:

  • reading passages
  • WH- questions
  • true or false activity
  • identifying nouns and verbs
  • clarifying the meaning of unknown words

If there's extra time, you can print copies of the picture puzzles for them to solve.

Flap Book 

Your students will create their flap books and do simple research with this flap book activity. And if you're wondering if your kindergarten students can do this activity, the answer is 100% yes! The questions are straightforward, and a guide is included in creating a flap book.

They will research about the following:
  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • career;
  • education;
  • fun fact 1;
  •  fun fact 2;
  • describe the person in 3 words;
  • And they will answer the question, "in your opinion, why is this person a hero?"

Your flap book download includes an editable PowerPoint template where you can add your own questions or create a flap book from scratch.

As educators, we understand the importance of Black History Month and its role in raising students' awareness of an essential part of American history. This month allows us to provide our students with opportunities to learn about the fantastic contributions of these influential figures. So, grab these worksheets now if you're looking for fun ELA activities this Black History Month. 

Talk soon.

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