Printable and Digital Winter-Themed Activities for K-2 Students

Students love playing games in the classroom. That's a fact. If you are like me, who enjoys gamifying the lessons in the classroom, read more, and you might find these escape room games fun for your kindergarten to 2nd graders.

What is a digital escape room?

An escape room is a room in which people are locked inside. To escape, they must solve a series of puzzles within an amount of time to accomplish their goal.

A digital escape room can be more fun for students and teachers because it does not require anything. Students will only need a free Google Slides or Boom Learning account to play and learn at the same time. The great thing about these digital and educational escape rooms is that students can review and practice a specific skill they are studying. The teacher can use the game to assess how students understand the topic.

Winter Reading Comprehension Escape Rooms for K-2

If your students haven't tried playing a reading comprehension escape room, now's the time to test their reading skills. These winter escape rooms cover various reading activities, such as:

  • multiple-choice questions
  • answering WH- questions
  • sequencing the pictures/sentences
  • identifying the story elements
  • clarifying the meaning of unknown words
  • rewriting the sentence with the correct use of capitalization and punctuation
  • drawing conclusions

The reading passages are all winter-related, which is a perfect activity for returning to school after the Christmas break. 

Click here to check the winter reading escape rooms on Boom or TPT.

The printable version of the passages is also available if you don't have a Boom Learning account. These print-and-go worksheets include black and white copies and are perfect for:

  • early finishers
  • substitute teachers
  • homework
  • reading/literacy centers
  • small group activities

Winter Math Digital Escape Rooms for K-2

If you need fun review games after the Christmas break, why not let your students play this winter math escape room? The skills covered are Common Core-aligned and are perfect for practice and review. These are ideal math activities after the Christmas break to refresh their minds about what they studied last year or last month (December).

Kindergarten Winter Math Escape Room

Students will compare numbers and objects to 20 using greater than, less than, and equal to. They also compare numbers 1 and 10 and say which has a greater value.

1st Grade Winter Math Escape Room

In this 1st-grade winter math escape room activity, they will solve the missing addend and determine whether the addition and subtraction equations are true or false.

This self-checking activity is perfect for practicing their math skills independently. Aside from the digital version, you will also receive color and B&W worksheets that you can use without the deck.

2nd Grade Winter Math Game

In this winter math game, your 2nd graders will review their skip-counting skills by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s. The deck is visually appealing, easy to use, and fun.

Click here to check the winter math escape rooms on Boom or TPT.

These math and reading comprehension games contain a printable version that can be independently used without the deck. The worksheets contain the answer keys for subs and students who want to check their answers.

The great thing about these winter math and reading comprehension escape rooms is that no preparation is required on your or the student's end. If you have a Boom Learning account, you can use the fast pin, and students can play the game in pairs or individually. For worksheets, print a copy (or copies) for the students, and they can answer it during math centers. If there's extra time, students can do peer checking and check their classmate's work.

These digital games will, for sure, alleviate the stress you are feeling when reviewing a particular skill you are working on in the classroom. At the same time, the worksheets are helpful for hands-on activities and homework.

Click here to purchase the digital games.

Click here to purchase the worksheets.

What are you using to review your math and ELA topics? Have you tried Boom Cards in the classroom? Let me know any comments or suggestions you have in mind. You can also DM me on Instagram, and we can chat there.

Talk soon.

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