Chinese New Year 2023 Activities for Elementary Students

A few weeks ago, I posted about people's preparations before, during, and after the Chinese New Year. Today let's talk about some of the Chinese New Year activities your students can do while/after learning about this festival.

Chinese New Year Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

This Google Slides presentation contains fun facts about Chinese New Year, their traditions, and the food they eat. It also includes two activities: true or false and answering comprehension questions to check the student's understanding.

Suppose you are using this Google Slides presentation in the classroom. In that case, I recommend using it for whole class discussion as some of the questions ask about their opinion, such as, "What is the difference between celebrating your New Year (if they don't celebrate CNY) and the Chinese New Year?"

The comprehension questions also give students (especially ESL students) a chance to speak more and voice their opinions. You can pair the slides with an educational Youtube video about the Chinese New Year to get students more interested in the topic.

Cryptogram and Picture Puzzles

Do you have time left after the Chinese New Year discussion? Don't fret! You can use these print-and-go worksheets to supply them independently with more knowledge. 

What is a cryptogram puzzle?

A cryptogram puzzle is a crack-the-code activity where participants figure out the hidden message. It is a simple substitution cipher where each letter in a puzzle (called a crypto letter) represents a different alphabet letter in the solution. 

Students can answer up to 15 cryptogram puzzles about the Chinese New Year's fun facts and traditions. They can also do a cutting and pasting activity where they cut the picture puzzles related to CNY and solve them without a hint or a clue.

These puzzles are the perfect activities if you have time left in the classroom after the CNY discussion. You can also give these worksheets to your early finishers and assign them for subs and homework.

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If you need more resources to study the Chinese New Year with your elementary students, click this link to grab these reading comprehension passages and cryptogram and picture puzzle activities. That way, you can save more time planning the lesson and keep your sanity while your students remain engaged.

How are you going to celebrate the Chinese New Year in the classroom? Leave a comment below or message me on Instagram!

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