My TPT Income Report for Q4 + Lessons Learned in 2022

This is what everybody is waiting for! My TPT income report for Q4 is here! Aside from my income report, I will also share some lessons I learned in my TPT journey in 2022. 

Disclaimer: Just because I made this money does not mean you will. Also, I'm not here to brag about my TPT earnings. I'm here to document my TPT journey, including the money I make. So if you feel uncomfortable, please click out now.


October was my highest month ever! I was hoping to earn way more than that, but here's the problem:

I priced my worksheets at $2. 

$2 is not bad. $1 could be worse. But why was this a problem? Because I didn't add value to my worksheets, such as adding answer keys. (But I also think I underpriced them, LOL.) 

My Halloween worksheets are three of my best sellers, priced at $2. So, depending on the buyer's cart, I get $1.45 or $1.60. My 1st-grade worksheets sold 52 times and earned $78.72. If I had added more value to the product and priced them at $3, I would have gotten $124.80 in earnings. Do you see a HUGE DIFFERENCE? 

Anyway, I had already moved on from that and learned my lesson. So, here's to a wiser 2023! *cheers*

Conversion rate: 11%, excluding freebies

Views: 3,117

Units sold: 368

Best sellers for October: All things Halloween, to be honest. I love creating seasonal products, so I made games and worksheets.


There's nothing much to say for November, but I made more worksheets (with the color and B&W version and answer keys) and priced them at $3. I'll make more printables in 2023, so watch out for that!

Conversion rate: 11%, excluding freebies

Views: 2,725

Units sold: 246

Bestsellers: My Thanksgiving resources were selling like hotcakes! Again, they are seasonal products, so they only sell during Thanksgiving (such a hard pill to swallow, but it is what it is). 

Some of my Christmas products started selling in the last week of November, so if you have seasonal products, don't wait. Post them early. You never know when the teachers might need them.


I set my store on sale to attract buyers from the 28th to the 30th of December. I could have gotten $1000 if there was no holiday, but that's okay. I have the whole of 2023 to earn four figures.

Conversion rate: 13%, excluding freebies

Views: 2,367

Units sold: 265

Bestsellers: Christmas products I made last year and this year 

TOTAL EARNINGS FOR 2022: $7,623.88

Lessons from 2022:

  • Add value to your products, so you can up the price to $3 or more.
  • Follow your data. My Halloween worksheets were selling like bananas in October, so I created more worksheets for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter. And I'll be focusing on creating more printables (evergreen-themed) this year.
  • Take pictures of your products if you can. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. That way, the buyers can see what the worksheets look like before purchasing them. One of my homework for next year is to take pictures of my Halloween worksheets.
  • Create a perfect listing and PDF preview. Explain clearly what the product is and how it will solve their problem. I'm not an expert in creating the ideal TPT listing, but if I were a buyer, I wouldn't buy a resource with no preview or an unclear preview.

How was your Q4? What tips or lessons do you want to share from your TPT journey? DM me (@theviralteacher) or leave a comment below. Hope you have your best year ever!

Talk soon.

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