Why You Need These Thanksgiving Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions Worksheets

Thanksgiving is coming up! If you and your students are not super big on crafts, decorations, and all that jazz, these Thanksgiving reading passages are for you!

First, let me show you what the passages look like for kindergarten to 1st-grade students. Eight reading passages included are Thanksgiving-related, and tons of other reading activities, such as answering WH- questions and reading and matching the picture.

This is perfect not only for kindergarten students but also for our English language learners. Our ELL students will benefit from practicing their reading skills, learning new vocabulary words, and knowing about Thanksgiving Day (especially if they live in a country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving).

Next are the Thanksgiving reading worksheets for 1st-grade students. I have written five Thanksgiving and turkey-related passages:

  1. The Missing Firefighter's Hat
  2. Bees
  3. The Missing Stuffing
  4. The Turkey Wishbone
  5. The Stolen Roast Turkeys

The passages are way longer than the kindergarten ones. This set includes more challenging activities, such as retelling the story, 5-step sequencing, and Q&A (where they answer the question based on their own experience).

These 2nd-grade Thanksgiving reading activities contain three passages and include the practice of making predictions. Making predictions can keep them engaged and help them connect their prior knowledge and the text.

In the predictions worksheets, I added Thanksgiving/fall-related pictures (only pictures, no stories), so students will try to make logical and reasonable assumptions about what could happen next without breaking the Thanksgiving spirit. 

There is no Q&A activity but a cut-and-paste activity and story retelling. The three passages include:

  1. How to Make a Pumpkin Pie
  2. My Brother and I
  3. The Best Pumpkin Pie Ever!

Why You Need These Thanksgiving Reading Passages

  • If you're a homeschool mom, it's easy to print off the pages since it includes black and white copies. Saves you ink and time.
  • Are you a classroom teacher and need to take a day off for a day or two? Grab these worksheets, make copies, and hand them to the substitute teacher.
  • The answer keys are provided, so subs and parents (and even students!) can check if their answer is correct.
  • These reading passages are great for reading centers and can also be used for early finishers and homework.
  • Handing these worksheets allows students to practice reading independently or in small groups.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving read-aloud books and activities in the classroom every year? Let me know by writing a comment below or sending me a message on Instagram (@theviralteacher). I'd love to hear more.

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Talk soon!

The Viral Teacher

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