What Sells Best on TPT?

Are you a current or former teacher planning to sell on TPT? (By the way, TPT is doing a rebranding. They don't call themselves TeachersPayTeachers anymore, but TPT) Or an artist trying to branch out in the digital world? If yes, then good news because TPT has a space for everyone! 

But first, what is TPT?

It is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

Why TPT?

Because why not? Sasha from @rainbowsprinklestudio left her job to become a full-time TPT clip artist (she's one of my favorites! You can check out her store here.)

There are other online marketplaces, such as Etsy, where you can also sell online, but they serve different audiences.

I did sell on Etsy for a few months and got my first sale, but geez Louise, marketing for two stores is a pain in the butt. Every time you create a listing, you get charged. And this is the most painful part because (if I remember correctly) they get 30% of your earnings (or maybe more?).

I'm pretty sure Etsy is still worth it for others, but not for me (at the moment). TPT is my top priority.

So, what sells best on TPT?

Here is the list of the products that I think sell best on TPT:

  1. Clip arts. I mainly shop from Educlips, Whimsy Clips, Rainbow Sprinkle Studio, Bunny on a Cloud, and Creating4 the Classroom. Creative Clips is also a famous clip art store on TPT. Educlips posts an early discount for bundles I adore, so I immediately purchase them every time she releases a new set of clip art. Whimsy Clips has a clip art club that goes until December for only $6 (the price increases as she adds items to the bundle). Check their stores for inspiration if you plan to sell clip arts on TPT.
  2. Fonts! Who can't resist these adorable fonts?! I have a lot of Amy Groesbeck's fonts, but there are also Kaitlynn Albani's and PB's fonts. Oh, don't forget KG fonts, too!
  3. Mock-ups. If you're a photographer and product photography is your thing, welcome to the world of mock-ups. My favorite mock-ups are from Katie Brockmeyer, and I plan to purchase her upcoming new mock-ups growing bundle on Cyber Monday! (Many good things are happening this November, my birthday month!) 
  4. Classroom decors. Back when I was teaching, I didn't decorate my classrooms. So, I didn't have a chance to purchase classroom decor. But I know these are a hit during the summer when teachers start preparing their classrooms for the next school year. If you have an eye for decorating and stuff, you might want to check this out!
  5. When you click the search bar on TPT, you will see lots of popular keywords trending at the moment. If you have Veteran's Day or Thanksgiving products, expect them to sell. Make sure you use the right keywords for your products to be seen. Some sellers write these keywords to know what is selling on a particular month on TPT.

  6. For my store, seasonal products sell a lot! I got my 2nd 4-figure month on TPT in October because of my Halloween products! Woohoo! Wait for my TPT income report in January! 
  7. Do market research for a product you plan to create and fill the gap. Create products the other sellers have not made yet, and I promise they will sell. It will take time, but when you have the perfect listing, use the right keywords, or market them, they can become your best sellers.

I have only been selling on TPT for 20 months, but these are the resources I know that sell best (or will sell best) on TPT. If you have more ideas you want to add or burning questions you want to ask, feel free to comment below.

Talk soon!

The Viral Teacher

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