Reasons why you need this ESL Game Show in the classroom

Game shows are always a hit in the classroom whatever subject you're teaching. The class can be a little bit (aka very) loud sometimes, but it's great to see that they are learning and having fun at the same time. 

I used to teach in a language school in Vietnam, and while I was creating my lesson plans, I came across this PowerPoint game (I can't remember the topic, but I think it was about nouns) on a website that offers free worksheets. It's similar to Jeopardy game show in the US. It's a quiz competition where each team members collaborate before giving the answer. And each team earns money once they get the answer right. 

I downloaded the PowerPoint game, finished my lesson plan, and got ready for the class. When I told my Vietnamese students that we were going to play a game show, everybody was like, "YAAAAAAAYYY!" IT WAS A BLAST! 

How does the ESL Game Show work?

1. Set up teams. You're only allowed to have 4 teams and you can't change the name of the teams on PowerPoint. Make sure your students remember which team they belong. Maybe team A can go to the left side of the room, team B on the other side, and so on and forth, so students don't get confused.

2. Team A chooses the question first. They can choose any question from question 1 to 20. Once they choose their desired question, click on the box.

3. The team members collaborate and answer the question that they chose. When they are sure with the answer, click on the "check answer" on the bottom left corner of the screen to reveal the answer. The answer will automatically pops up in just a click of a button! 
4. Click on "Question Board" to go back to the questions and input the score (if they answer it correctly). 
5. Repeat steps 1-4 until they answered all the questions. The team who gets the most amount of points win. 

TIP: When you start playing this PowerPoint game, don't click exit or else the scores are gona go back to 0.

Why you should use this in your ESL classroom

Because it's fun! Not only that, but they will also...
  • learn to collaborate with others in the classroom;
  • learn the importance of paying attention in class;
  • get to know their classmates more (let's admit. We can be all shy sometimes, especially if it's the beginning of the year and we don't know anyone in the classroom);
  • Game shows provide an interactive and enjoyable approach to learning. This ESL game show allows for immediate feedback and makes everyone aware of their strengths and weaknesses about the topic;
  • It will increase their motivation in class. Not going to lie, I don't like math. But if I play a math game show in the classroom, I'll be more than happy to try and solve the problem with my teammates. 😄
There are so many benefits to playing games in the classroom! So, if you're looking for something fun to do in your ESL classrooms or you're thinking of having a friendly competition among your students, try these ESL game shows.

P.S. If you are looking for free Google Sheets math and ELA activities for your kiddos, click here.

Talk to you soon!
The Viral Teacher

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