Productivity Tips from a new TPT seller to another new TPT seller

Don't be busy. Be productive.

When you're busy, it means you don't have time for anything. But when you are productive, you have time for things that are a priority. Like this blog post that I'm writing right now. It's currently 7 in the morning and instead of going back to sleep, I'm writing this post because I set it as a priority and this is one of the systems that I am trying to build as part of my business.

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But as a TPT seller, how can you be productive or how do you know you're being productive?

  • Set goals and follow the system. This, my friend, is the reason why we have a planner. Every night before I sleep, I write my tasks for the next day and I follow them. My goals for the day serve as a guide and if I don't have any, I will feel lost. Should I write a blog post? Should I upload a product? Should I start a new product? Should I do this or that instead? Your mind is jumbled up with all the different things you want to do in one day.
Create quarterly goals and build them into smaller parts. Those smaller parts will be your task for each day for the whole 3 months. One of my goals for Q1 is to batch my blog posts, so I write one post a day for the whole month of January and schedule them out until March or April. That way I don't have to worry about what to write or when to post for 3-4 months.

Another goal I am trying to achieve this Q1 is to build my email list. To be honest, I'm lacking on that part because I don't make it a priority. But I know one way or another I will have to write it down on my planner and set a time on when I need to create a free resource library to attract my people. My goal for January was to have 100 subscribers; it didn't happen because my priority is product creation. So that goal will be moved to Feb or March. Either way, I need to make time to make it happen.
  • Identify your most productive time of day. When do you feel the most productive? For me, it's the morning. I get up at around 6:30 in the morning, walk my dog, have breakfast, and write a blog post (depending on the month I am batching them). But I always make sure to check my tasks for the day before doing anything. I do the hardest task first, which for me right now is writing a blog post because it requires a lot of brainpower. 
  • Understand your priorities. You have 168 hours in one week. How do you choose to spend that time? 
Last week (keep in mind that I'm writing this in January) I felt overwhelmed with tons of things I need to create for Black History Month. My Hispanic Heritage Month resources made a huge leap in my store, so I want to create the same for Black History Month. On top of that, there's Valentine's Day and Chinese NewYear. You know what I did? I got my sticky note, wrote the resources I need to create and when I'm going to create them, and put it on the wall. Those are all my priorities but I identify my top priority and the others can wait.
  • Move away from distractions. I'm not very good at this, but I try. I have a dog and sometimes when he needs attention I play with him even if I'm working on something. But his energy is low in the morning and he tends to sleep a lot so I get tons of work done. It's a win-win sometimes! Another distraction is my phone notification. I love hearing cha-chings from my phone, so even if I'm busy I NEED to see what I sold. Bad practice, but cha-chings make me feel excited! 
  • Sleep. Get some rest. We all need a good amount of rest to be more productive. In order to take care of your business, you should take care of your health. And trust me, after you are well-rested, all the great ideas will pop out!
I hope you've found some value in these tips. With these productivity tips, I know you'll be able to achieve so many great things not only for your business but for yourself as well. Our goal here is to feel less stressed and to accomplish more, so you do you!

-The Viral Teacher

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