2022 FREE Goal Setting Flip Book

Let's admit it-- setting goals for the new year is not that fun for others. Some people do like it. Some people think it is a waste of time. But for my fellow teachers out there (I am out of the classroom, but I am still a teacher by heart.), it's a different story. 

In my opinion, if we learn how to set goals at an early age, we will be more focused and motivated to do our tasks. It also works best for our students (if you're a teacher) and your kids (if you're a mom). Back when I was teaching in Vietnam, I really had a hard time disciplining my ESL students. They were SO noisy and active. I couldn't bear them! So, I decided to set one goal for myself every time I enter their class: Just chill and not shout/get annoyed with them. What's my action step for this? Show or give them something they want. And what do they want? To eat OR watch a movie. Both of them didn't really go well with me (of course!) aside from eating. They could eat after class. "I'll take that" is what I told myself and then proceed to buy snacks aka rewards for them. In the end, I went home feeling relieved, happy, and accomplished. Everyone was quiet. They turned in their work in time and were super excited to eat! 😂 It was a win-win situation and my students definitely loved me more! 😎

Anyway, going back to goal setting, there's a lot of reasons why we should implement it in the classroom not only at the beginning of the year. And one of these reasons is it teaches children perseverance. Using this free 2022 flip book, your students will be able to reflect on what they really want to achieve in a given time frame. Do they want to read a book? Perhaps walk a dog at the shelter? Plant more trees? And then, they will break these goals into small actionable steps to be achievable. It sounds easy, but trust me it takes a lot of patience and determination to get there.

Not only that, but students will also write the things they want to do and the things they want to stop doing in 2022. Do they want to stop playing PS4 for 5 hours straight? Do they want to learn how to bake? Do they want to help their parents with household chores? I'm 100% sure your elementary students want to do a lot of things, but the big question is.... Can they? YES! As long as they are determined and there's a reward waiting for them 😀

One last note. Keep the flip books in a safe folder after they are finished answering. Or better, put them somewhere that can easily be seen so they are reminded of their goals every day. After 3 months, they have a look at their 3-month goals and see if they've accomplished something. It will be fun to see the look on their faces once they hit a certain goal!

So, if you are interested in getting this flip book for FREE, click the link here. You will receive a PDF file with 12 pages (6 color, 6 black and white copies). Make sure you confirm your subscription so you can download the file. And please let me know how this worked out with your elementary students! I would love to hear success stories from you who are using (or planning to!) this flip book.

Happy New Year!

-The Viral Teacher 

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