Black History Month Flip Book (including a FREE flip book!)

Black History Month is an annual celebration in the United States by African Americans. It is also known as African-American History Month. Black History Month is celebrated to focus attention on the contributions of African Americans to the United States. Some of the notable figures during Black History Month are Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mae Jemison, and Barack Obama.

I have created Black History Month flip books for your elementary students where they are going to do biography research about these notable figures. This research helps them get to know more about the person, his/her impact and influence on the world and on other people, and many more! 

What is the importance of biography research to your elementary students?

  1. It helps them develop a deeper understanding of a historical period. In this case, they get to know more about African history, or how they settled in the United States, or what triggers this person to move from his own country to another.
  2. Getting to know these successful African-American people can inspire, influence, and motivate them. What challenges did this person face while growing up? How did he overcome those challenges? They learn from their mistakes and avoid that path that leads them to failure.
  3.  A lot of people around the world have made a huge impact on the world and on other people. What impact is that? How did they change the world? What are their accomplishments? Knowing these things helps them connect to these people even if they are not living on earth anymore. By researching the contributions of these historical figures, they get to meet a real hero.

This Black History Month flip book tackles all of that and more. On the last page of the flip book, students are given an opportunity to ask three questions if they are given a chance to meet this person.

They will also research his/her famous quote and explain why they chose this particular quote. And lastly, they learn how to cite their sources. This flip book contains basic vocabulary words that are perfectly geared towards elementary students. If your students are new to biography research, you can explain the do's and don'ts first before they begin. 

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I hope you find this flip book useful in the classroom! 

-The Viral Teacher

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