Make a Jack O Lantern Craftivity

AAAAHHHH! One of my favorite days of the year! Halloween! Fun fact about me: I have never gone trick-or-treating. It's not a popular tradition in the Philippines. It's more of a North American thing. But it doesn't matter because there are lots of horror movies/series on TV! Another fun fact, I love watching horror movies, but I'm scared of them! I have always believed that ghosts are real. I've never seen nor touch them, but I do believe they are around us, watching our every move. 


There are so many ways on how to incorporate Halloween activities in the classroom:

  1. You can let them watch kid-friendly horror movies. There's Coraline, Monster House, Frankenweenie, and Goosebumps. For sure your kids will enjoy these movies and won't doze off in the classroom!
  2. You can ask them to wear their favorite Halloween costumes.
  3. You can also let them create Halloween craftivities in the classroom. Creating crafts is one of the most popular activities next to writing. Why don't they make their own Jack-O-Lantern and flip book at the same time?

This craftivity is print and go for teachers. It means that they just have to print the PDF file, and let the students do their job (cutting, gluing, answering the questions).

There are also Halloween graphics below the pages that they cut, color, and glue on each page to make their Jack-O-Lantern more personalized. Isn't that cute?! There are 6 pages inside and each page consists of a question about Halloween.

Here are some questions I have added:
  1. What is Halloween?
  2. How and when did Halloween start?
  3. List some Halloween traditions.
  4. Who is Stingy Jack? Describe him.
  5. What magical spell or potion would you create and why?
  6. Write one scary story that you know.

Not only that, but I have also listed some safe and reputable links that they can use to answer the given questions. Aaaanddd....  I've added a front and back Jack-O-Lantern cover so they can hang them in the classroom or hallway. They can attach a paper clip at the bottom to lock the pages.

If you are looking for Halloween activities in the classroom, grab this Build a Jack O Lantern Craft and Flip Book for your lovely students! And let me know how it went with your class. It would be nice to see some in-action photos as well! :)

Happy Halloween!

-The Viral Teacher

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