Who Stole the Cheese? A Fun Detective Game for your Kids

Growing up as a kid, I used to watch Detective Conan. It is a Japanese manga series that follows the high school detective Shinichi Kudo. He was transformed into a child while investigating a mysterious organization and solves cases while impersonating his childhood best friend's father and other characters. And since I love detective stories, why not incorporate them into my product? That's how I came up with this mystery and detective game Who Stole the Cheese

I know this game is very interesting, but for people who aren't familiar, let me tell you about Boom Learning first. Boom Learning is an online platform created for teachers to allow for instruction using cards, without the need for a classroom. 

One of the main reasons why I love Boom Cards is it is self-checking. That means students get instant feedback on their answers! Students are given the chance to work independently with just a laptop or an iPad in front of them. 

Let's go back to the main topic of this blog post.


The animals in the zoo are going crazy because of the stolen cheese. 7 animal witnesses have reported to the police that they have a description of the 7 suspects who stole the cheese. Your job is to figure out who the suspects are based on the description of the animal witnesses.

Your next step is to read the interview and identify the animal on the next card.

Who do you think stole the cheese and why?
There are 7 descriptions and 7 suspects. The students will work on their critical thinking skills to identify the suspects who stole the cheese. When you find all 7 suspects, the next step is to pinpoint the thief. In order to do that, you must solve 5 cryptogram puzzles.
When you crack the code, go to the next card and eliminate the suspect. The last puzzle to be solved tells you the real thief! This is a non-seasonal game which means you can play it with your kids all year round! This game is perfect for students who adore detective or mystery games/puzzles. This can also work as a group activity! Click here if you want to play the first 4 cards of the deck.

I have 6 seasonal versions of this game:
  1. Who Stole the Apple Pie?
  2. Who Stole the Halloween Candies?
  3. Who Stole the Turkey?
  4. Who Stole the Vest?
  5. Who Stole the Pumpkins?
  6. Who Stole the Candy Canes?
Click the link to check each product description.

If you think this game is for you, you can purchase it on my Boom Learning store or Teachers Pay Teachers account. Have fun finding the thief! 😎

-The Viral Teacher

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