My Honest Thoughts about Hashtag Sales on Teachers Pay Teachers

When I started my TpT store, I didn't know what to expect except that I would make dollars. But if you think about it, Teachers Pay Teachers is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things underneath that you must discover yourself. And that includes a hashtag sale. What is it? What is its purpose? How do I join hashtag sales? Keep reading to find out!

What are hashtag sales?

Hashtag sales drive massive traffic on your website and rocket your sales. It helps your brand, and at the same time, it helps your store to be seen and to reach more followers. Here's the mechanics: You have to choose two (sometimes 3) of your products that are below $5 and change them to $1. Yes, one dollar. And then, everyone who joins the hashtag sales should add a particular hashtag that buyers will type in their search bars to find products included in the sale. It usually runs for 2 days only. They also provide photos you must use to advertise on your socials. So... If you ask me about my honest thoughts about TpT hashtag sales, I want to tell you that... you should participate! If you are hesitant, well... let me share with you my experience.

My First Hashtag Sale

My first hashtag sale was from July 31 to August 1. How many sales did I get? Nada. Nothing. Zero. I was disappointed. I thought I could attract buyers with my $1 products, but boy, was I wrong.

I also wanted to get buyers to use my back-to-school Boom Cards products (because I created A TON during the summer), but unfortunately, they didn't sell on TpT. That's business, you guys. Can't always be on top all the time. Anyway, moving forward...

My Second Hashtag Sale

My second hashtag sale was with the School of Sellers. And let me tell you, it was a HUGE success!! For the first time ever, I sold A TON of products in one day! And yes, I know it's just a dollar, but it is a dollar! I only got $0.80 (hehe!), but imagine selling 100 of your products, and you will get almost $100! 

I sold 43 products. 6 of them aren't from hashtag sales, but imagine getting 43 sales in 2 days?! And hearing your phone cha-ching every minute or two is music to my ears!

I sold a lot more on the second day, so my store views increased a lot, too! I don't know how much I have earned in total because I broke the habit of checking my earnings every day. But I see slow growth in my store after the hashtag sale. I earned 5 organic followers and 1 product review!

My Third Hashtag Sale

My third hashtag sale was with Boom Learning. I chose 3 products and changed their prices to $1 on Boom Learning and TpT. I didn't really track my sales here. I got more excited with the School of Sellers # sale, but I'm still glad I was able to participate and got 16 sales on TpT. I don't know how many sales I got on Boom Learning, but I definitely got more on TpT.

Many Boom buyers didn't know about the hashtag sale because I sold many of my 400 points products at the time. But I'm so grateful for every cha-ching and Boom Learning email I get daily!

If you are interested in joining these hashtag sales, click the following links and join the group! 

School of Sellers 101

Boom Hashtag Sales - only if you sell Boom Cards

Reasons for joining hashtag sales:

  1. It drives enormous traffic to your store, especially if you are a new seller like me.
  2. Buyers who like your product can follow your store and return for more! In other words, you can gain more followers.
  3. If your product is included in a bundle and they like it, they may purchase it!
  4. It increases your sales. Hell, yeah! Every cent counts!
  5. You've got nothing to lose. It's only for 2 days, and you choose products below $5, so you don't undervalue your products like others say.

My honest thoughts are I'm definitely participating in another hashtag sale! And you should also try it! If you've got questions, let me know in the comment section! I hope you learned something from this blog post. See you!

Talk soon.


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