Build A Cake Craftivity in the classroom

Do your kids love coloring? Do they beg you to create arts or crafts in the classroom? It was not long ago when I created this FREE Build A Cake Craftivity and I truly enjoyed it! The printing, coloring, cutting, gluing... I felt so productive and creative the whole time I was doing it! How much more if your little learners do it themselves?

The cake consists of 3 layers. It has icing and 3 candles on top. Students can design and color them the way they want. This Build A Cake craftivity is not only about building a cake, but also a writing activity that they can answer and paste at the back of the cake.

There are three questions that students must complete in order to finish this craftivity:
  • My Birthday Wish. This is located on the top layer of the cake. Students write about their birthday wish(es). They can write as many as they want.
  • On my next birthday, I want to... This is in the middle layer of the cake. They write about the things that they want to do on their next birthday. Do they want to go to Disneyland? Do they want to travel? Do they want to eat their favorite food at their favorite restaurant? Do they want to adopt a dog?
  • Sequencing. It refers to putting events or information in a specific order. Students write the steps on how they built the cake using the sequencers (first, next, then, finally, last).

This Build A Cake craftivity is FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. If you are looking for an easy, no prep, and print and go activity for your lovely kiddos, click the link and download it now. Have fun!

-The Viral Teacher

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