Superhero Flipbook Activity for Elementary Students

Everyone in this world knows what a superhero is. Batman, Superman, Spiderman. Name it! They are all parts of our childhood. Creating superhero theme activities is an excellent way to remind kids how strong and powerful they are. And that they can be superheroes in their own way. These are the reasons why I created this Superhero Flipbook.

What's inside the flipbook?

This print-and-go flipbook consists of 4 pages with writing prompts about:

  1. What would they do if they had superpowers
  2. Who would they choose to be if they became superheroes
  3. narrative writing on how they became a superhero for a day
  4. drawing activity on how they would look if they became superheroes.

Students color, answer, cut, and glue the pages, and voila! They got themselves their superhero flipbooks. I love this activity because it's a no-prep for teachers and because this flipbook brings out the students' creativity and, of course, their hidden powers.

Let me know how your students design this flipbook! 😎

Talk soon.


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