Simple Present, Past, and Future Craftivity

 Are you an ESL teacher? Are you looking for ways to take teaching verb tenses to the next level? Do your students love cutting, gluing, and creating crafts while learning? If your answer is YES to those questions, try this piggy bank sentences craftivity with your little learners!

1. Glue the piggy banks together. This is where you will save your "coins". I recommend printing the piggy bank on hard paper. Remind students not to glue the top part because this is where they will insert the coins.

2. Now, choose the correct simple present, past, and future sentences from the list and cut them. Then, choose the amount of coins ($1 - $3) you want to price your sentences and glue them together back-to-back.

3. Total the amount of coins they have and "save" them in the piggy banks.

 This is helpful if you have just finished teaching verb tenses and you want to assess what they have studied. You can also use it during reviews. I find this very beneficial for students who are having a hard time differentiating the sentences in the simple present, past, and future. Plus, they will also learn how to save!

4. At the end, there is a worksheet where they will list the incorrect sentences and correct them. They can look for a pair mate for peer checking afterward.

5. After totaling the amount of coins, students can share how much they have earned (Again, students can choose how much they want to price each sentence).

So, there you have it! This is how the Piggy Bank Sentences Craftivity works! If you have more questions, leave a comment below. 😎

-The Viral Teacher

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