Benefits of Using ASL Hand Signals in a Virtual Classroom

Ever thought of a way to transform your classroom into an organized and efficient learning environment? Look no further than these ASL Hand Signal Posters! These posters are designed for classroom management and help students communicate their needs silently, minimize disruptions, and foster a respectful atmosphere.

These hand signals also work best if you are teaching online (hello, fellow online teachers!). Here's a quick guide on how to effectively implement ASL hand signals in your virtual classroom:
  1. Start by introducing the concept of ASL hand signals to your students. Explain the benefits and how they will be used during online classes. Show these visuals and conduct a practice session where students can try out the signals.
  2. Teach some of the common ASL hand signals for online classes: question, bathroom, water, help, and agree/disagree.
  3. Incorporate ASL hand signals in your lessons. You can explain when and how students should use the hand signals. For instance, they should use the Question signal if they need to ask something, but wait to be called on to unmute their microphone.
  4. Review the hand signals to reinforce their usage and ensure all students remember them. Be flexible and willing to adjust your approach based on what works best for your class dynamics.
Benefits of using ASL hand signals online and in the classroom:
  • Students can communicate their needs non-verbally, allowing you to maintain the flow of teaching without constant verbal interruptions.
  • Students can express their needs or thoughts without breaking their concentration on the lesson.
  • Students learn to stay focused on their tasks while subtly communicating with the teacher.
I have started implementing these hand signals in one of my online classes and I was surprised how my students learned it so quickly! So, if you're like me and are looking to improve classroom management in a (virtual) classroom, grab these ASL hand signal posters!

Talk soon!

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