Boost Morning Meetings with these Free Two Weeks of Animal Photo Writing Prompts

Back to school is around the corner. For some teachers, meeting their new and former students sounds exciting and fun. But for others, stress and anxiety start creeping in! Questions like, "What will I do to keep my students engaged?" or "How can I start the class on the right foot?" pop up!

But what if I tell you I have a (free) solution to that? I know you are looking for a fun way to kick off the first few weeks of the class so I give you these daily animal writing prompts for your elementary students! These prompts are designed to inspire creativity and improve writing skills, making them perfect for your elementary classroom morning meetings. For two weeks, students will be presented with a picture of an animal and think of a perfect caption!

Why should you use these animal writing prompts?

  1. 1. Each prompt features cute, funny, silly, and captivating animal photo to encourage students to let their imaginations run wild and write imaginative stories or descriptions.
  2. 2. Regular writing practice helps students develop their vocabulary, grammar, and overall writing abilities. These prompts provide a structured yet fun way to practice daily.
  3. 3. Sharing and discussing their writing helps create a sense of community and encourages collaboration among students.
  4. 4. These prompts can be used in various ways—journal entries, creative writing assignments, or even group storytelling activities.
  5. 5. Simply project each slide on the screen, and you’re ready to roll! With minimal prep, you can seamlessly integrate these writing activities into your morning routine.

And did I already mention it's FREE? Just type your name and address below to gain access to these creative writing prompts. So, don't wait! Start your mornings with creativity and excitement by downloading this free 2-week animal photo writing prompts today.

How are you preparing for back to school? And how do you feel about it? Hit reply and let me know!

Talk soon.

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