Martin Luther King Jr. Collaborative Art Poster and Independent Reading Activity

In the spirit of celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and fostering a deeper understanding of his remarkable contributions, I am excited to introduce this Martin Luther King Jr. Collaborative Art Poster and Independent Reading Activity resource. This dynamic activity is designed to engage students in a visually stimulating art project and an independent reading activity that brings Dr. King's inspiring journey to life in the classroom!

In this resource, students will create a collaborative poster and read a short passage about his life. There are also comprehension questions to assess their comprehension of the text.

When you purchase this resource, you will receive a ZIP folder that includes:

  • a reading passage with 10 comprehension questions
  • 36 pages of letter-sized paper (B&W)
  • 30 pages of letter-sized paper (B&W)
  • 25 pages of letter-sized paper (B&W)
  • 16 pages of letter-sized paper (B&W)
  • 7 pages of letter-sized paper. One page contains 4 pieces that they need to cut (see image below). (color and B&W)

Create a collaborative poster depending on the size of your class!

Borderless printing

My printer does not print borderless (see the white margins on my poster). But if you have one, that's better!

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This resource aims to inspire young minds, cultivate a sense of unity, and instill the values of equality and justice. As students immerse themselves in creative expression and independent learning, they become active participants in the journey towards a more inclusive and compassionate world.

So, whose poster do you want to see next? 

Talk soon!

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