The History of Knecht Ruprecht Free Reading Escape Room Task Cards


Have your students heard about Knecht Ruprecht? I'm sure most of them don't! But don't fret because they will get to know Knecht Ruprecht and answer multiple-choice questions in this free reading escape room.

The reading passage contains over 400 words and 16 multiple-choice questions (or task cards) about the history of Knecht Ruprecht. There are four levels, and each level has four questions. You can cut out each task card and hang or scatter them around the room. 

There are also four decoders that students will use to discover the final code at the end of the activity. You can hang the four cards/questions next to the appropriate decoder. Adding a timer always increases engagement and adds a bit of friendly competition, so you can also do that in this activity.

There are two great things about this reading escape room:

  1. It's free!
  2. Just sit back and relax while you watch students rotate throughout the room.

Your students might struggle the first time they see the codes. Some puzzles are also more challenging than others, and that's ok! This is on purpose.

If you're looking for a free reading escape room this holiday season or want your students to get to know Knecht Ruprecht, this is for you! Sign up below and get on my list, so you can receive your free Knecht Ruprecht activity and other fun stuff inside my resource library! Enjoy!

Talk soon.

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