My Wins as a TPT Seller in 2022

In my previous post, I talked about my mistakes in my TPT store and what I should have done. While those mistakes were hard to swallow, I learned from them and am now ready to celebrate my wins in 2022.

Win #1: I bought courses and joined a workshop.

If there is one word for me to describe 2022, it is learning. 2022 is a year of learning because I bought three courses and joined a planning workshop (I will write more about it in Q4).

  • Profit Booster Bootcamp. It is a 4-day Bootcamp to help teacher-authors and TPT sellers increase sales by transforming your product listings. It costs $37 and is worth every penny. The main reason why I bought this is that marketing is not my strongest suit, and most of my sales come from TPT. I want to learn how to create the perfect listing without relying too much on marketing.
  • Hot Teacher Summer. Many TPT sellers were making a lot of hype on Instagram about the Hot Teacher Summer Workshop. But this workshop is designed to teach teachers and TPT sellers how to create digital resources for their classroom and TPT store. And since I am into digital resources, I bit the bullet and purchased it for $77. Is it worth it? Well, 50/50. They gave us many Google Sheets, PowerPoint, and Google Slides templates for our resources; all we need to do is fill in our questions, and we're good to go. The Google Sheets was not worth it because I cater to K-2. I can't imagine a kindergarten student using Google Sheets.
  • Press Play on PowerPoint. In my honest opinion, this PowerPoint course is 100% better than the Hot Teacher Summer Workshop. Ana Scaramella gave us not only the templates but also taught us how to create these fantastic PowerPoint games. And did I tell you it's only $47? Yes! So if you're looking to sell PowerPoint games on your TPT store and want to learn how to create animations or other stuff, grab this course now.

Win #2: I had two four-figure months in 2022.

I started selling on TPT on March 2021, and after 14 months, I reached my first four-figure month!

Click here to see my TPT income report for Q2.

$1000 may be small for some of you, and I know most people earn way more than that in a month, but as a new TPT seller, this is a huge milestone. Some people would think, "your job is easy. You just sit in front of the computer and type on your keyboard all day." But most of you don't know that while I may not do manual labor, I do much brainwork daily. 

Earning four figures a month selling digital products is a milestone that needs to be celebrated and acknowledged. I know I'm on to more incredible things this 2023.

Win #3: I became more disciplined. 

From waking up early to doing my home workout to waking up before 6 AM on weekends (sometimes to write a blog post), I became more disciplined in all the good habits I'm incorporating into my life. I realized how important time is and that I don't want to waste my time scrolling on social media all the time when I'm not working when I can read, watch educational videos on YouTube, or nap. 

My phone is one of the biggest distractions I have regarding productivity. I learned to leave my phone in another room when I'm working, so I can focus on the task at hand. I would check my phone once or twice whenever I needed to go to the bathroom, and that's it. If I am distracted, I tell myself, "this task will remain unfinished if you check your phone all the time. Do the work, and you will reap your reward later (which is to use my phone)," and it works 99.99% of the time.

Win #4: I read more self-help books that helped me succeed in 2022.

When I earned my first four figures in May, I gave myself a Kindle Paperwhite. And it was the best purchase I've ever made in my 32 years of existence. Kindle allowed me to read the books I've always wanted to read at a low-cost price. It also allowed me to discover more books I didn't know existed. And these books have truly and deeply changed my life for the better. If you have not read Atomic Habits, Your Best Year Ever, and The One Thing, I encourage you to make reading one of your goals this 2023 and put these three books on the top of your list.

No matter how big or small your wins are, celebrate them. Because in the end, no one will realize how vital those wins are to you but only to you. Remember, you are your own boss and cheerleader. Honor the hard work you did, and you will do in the future. What are your 2022 wins as a TPT seller? Leave some comments below.

Talk soon.

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