My TPT Summer Plans

It is so weird to write the title when I know it's far from summer where I currently live. 😁 But I know a lot of you, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, have been dying to be done with school.#imwithyou

For many TPT sellers, summer is a great time to plan and start things, like creating an email list, writing and batching blog posts, updating products, and prepping the store for back-to-school. Summer is also a great time to unwind and relax from the stress of teaching, especially if you're a full-time teacher and TPT seller. 

As a full-time TPT seller, I am excited about summer because I want to relax. My to-do lists are getting shorter (thank you, Lord!), and I feel like the weight (aka must create products all the time) has been lifted off my shoulder. Last summer, I worked A LOT.  I was only 3 months in, creating tons of products that didn't sell well and changing my covers and thumbnails. I think I was stressed too much and didn't know how things worked at the time. I was just creating and uploading products here and there without a clear plan. And I learned from that mistake. This time I'm going to do it the right way. So, without further ado, I will share my summer plans (woohoo, so exciting!).

  1. Grow my email list. I said this before, and I'll say again: Marketing is not my strongest suit. But I enjoy writing emails. I like to be funny and goofy, so my subscribers can get a good laugh and won't unsubscribe. My Q1 plan was to have at least 100 subs, which didn't happen, so I'll try again when teachers return to school. But to grow my email list, I have to create (another) irresistible lead magnet and promote it (which I'm not very good at!), so we will see where it takes us. I'll definitely write an updated post about my email list in the future.
  2. Update old products. I'm excited about summer because of this! I want my listings to be cohesive, so that's my main focus this summer 2022. I mentioned above that I created a lot of products that didn't sell well. I'm going to change the listings and see if it'll make a difference this year. Can you believe I used to dread updating old products? I think I was not ready to face the truth that my products from when I started were pretty.... bad😕 The covers, the thumbnails, the previews (oh no, don't get me started), everything makes me cringe! So after summer, no more "eww, did I really make that?" reaction. 😆 
  3. Create back-to-school resources. 
  4. Batch my blog posts. I want to write more about my TPT journey, so we'll see if I can write and batch some blog posts this summer.
  5. Read. Read. Read. I've been meaning to focus on reading for a loooooooong time. I didn't have all the time in the world or great books to read, but I got a Kindle Paperwhite a few days ago, and it's been life-changing! 

Here are my summer plans (although it's winter here at the moment)! It looks like a lot for some, but it will be easy peasy if you know how to budget your time wisely. 😎 To anyone reading this, I hope you get all the break you deserve! 🌞

Write a comment below or send me a message on Instagram about your summer plans! I'd love to know! 

See you in my next blog post!
The Viral Teacher


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