My TPT Income Report for Q1 and Lessons Learned

I'm going to talk about so many things in this blog post. But if you are the type of person who doesn't like talking about money or anything money-related, please click out. This post is not to brag, but to inspire other sellers that YOU CAN DO IT!

A little background about my TPT life. I started on TPT in March of 2021. I got addicted to creating products right away! Now I have almost 600 resources and counting. I love being creative with what I do. I enjoy shopping for clip arts. I always admire my work because no one is going to be my best supporter but myself!

Let's begin!


I don't remember how much I earned in January, and now I'm completely shook that I got this amount! So far, January 2022 is my best month ever since I opened my store in March last year.
Views: 6,220
Units Sold: 230
Conversion Rate: 4%

I had a huge jump on the last day of January because someone bought my Black History Month Flip Books Bundle which costs $86.40. My Chinese New Year resources were also selling like hotcakes at the time! 

Views: 12,021 (I don't know why my views skyrocketed, but I think I posted my store on a Facebook group and asked for feedback about a product.)
Units Sold: 224
Conversion Rate: 2%

I don't understand why my conversion rate was pretty low. But my highest day was February 9th when I earned $83.18 and sold 14 products. My best sellers were Black History and Women's History Month Flip Books + more Chinese New Year resources.

My TPTversary is actually in January, but I only started uploading products in March 2021. 
Views: 6,074
Units Sold: 138
Conversion Rate: 3%
My best day was on March 1st when I earned $73.12 and sold 10 products. St. Patrick's Day and Women's History Month resources were my best sellers.

1. Track data. Here's what I track each month:
  • views
  • conversion rate
  • earnings
  • units sold
  • top 5 selling resources
  • top 5 resources that bring me the most money
  • products sold daily
  • expenses (clip arts, Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva)
  • # of followers
  • # of reviews
I also track my earnings (current month to the same month last year) and compare how much my store has grown. In March 2021 I earned $39, but in March 2022 I received $544.29. That was a HUGE increase(1294%)! 

Not only that, but I also track and compare my units sold.
I enjoy looking at the graphs, and I am excited about what they will look like by the end of 2022!

2. It's also important to have a cohesive brand. I'm still in the process of updating my old resources, so please don't search for them 😆
I use the same font for E V E R Y T H I N G. I change the colors of my cover for each product, but the fonts are the same. I bought the font license outside TPT for $15. It's one of the best $15 I've ever spent! 😇 I heard about color marketing and how color affects the decision of buyers to purchase your products, so I decided to change the colors of my covers and make my products pop up.

It's not only about the covers, but the thumbnails and previews as well. I have a lot of updating to do, so I don't want to tackle that for now. But you get the point, right? 😃

3. Plan in advance. I like to plan ahead, so I can create other things for my business. It's only the 2nd of May, but I have already finished creating my Cinco de Mayo resources a week or two weeks ago! And I've already sold a lot of them including bundles! Now I'm planning for my summer resources. When I'm done creating summer products, I can now focus on completely updating and marketing my products more. And growing my email list! That's my big plan this summer!

4. TPT is a looooong game. One of my TPT money goals is to reach $1000 in earnings. But I don't put it in my head all the time. I focus on the things I can control like creating products and how I market my store. I always say this to myself: I may not earn $1000 or more this month, but with all the hard work I put into my store/products, I will earn it in the next few months without me noticing it! 

5. Pinterest, like TPT, is also a long game. I guess everybody knows what I'm talking about. 
Here is my recent Pinterest analytics. I focus more on engagement and engaged audiences. So far a lot of people have been liking and saving my pins this year, but none of them have converted to sales. I'm not a Pinterest expert, but I'm going to continue what I've been doing: create and schedule pins consistently and use SEO for my titles and descriptions. 

6. Plan quarterly goals. So far I'm on the right track with my quarterly goals when it comes to creating products, but geez I just really suck at marketing! One of my marketing goals for Q1 is to gain 100 subscribers to my email list. That didn't happen. So this summer I'll be focusing on growing my email list, blogging, and pinning. I realized that I love writing emails because they are personalized. I just need people to sign up! 👀

Alright, I guess that's all for now. If you want to add something to the list above, please do. I'm all for learning and growing my TPT store. You can write a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram.

Talk to you soon!
The Viral Teacher

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