FREE Build a Taco Writing Activity for Kindergarten to 1st Grade

If you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, National Taco Day, or you just want your students to write about tacos, then it's time to taco' bout tacos!

Here are some facts about tacos... that may shock you! Or not.
  1. Tacos have been around for millennia! Experts state that the first taco was invented somewhere between 1000 and 500 B.C. In other words, tacos are old. Like, really old.
  2. Americans eat billions of tacos every year. (Say, whaaaaat!?) Around half of the U.S. population visits a Taco Bell once every 11 days.
  3. There is a National Taco Day. It's on October 4th. So don't feel guilty about eating hundreds of tacos on that day!
  4. Tacos found their way to America in 1905. And it was because Mexicans were starting to move to the United States thanks to the San Antonio Chili Queens. They opened their own food stand in the city and the rest is history.
Now that we've learned some facts about tacos, it's time for your kindergartners and 1st graders to taco 'bout tacos with this free Build a Taco Writing Activity!

There are 4 short writing activities that they will complete:
  1. I eat tacos when...
  2. Tacos are from...
  3. When I don't eat tacos, I feel...
  4. Tacos are...
You will receive a PDF file that contains the black and white and color copy of the taco and the ingredients.

They can also make this as a hat! Simply attach a long rectangular paper folder, cut it in half, staple it to the taco, and your kiddos can wear it during the whole day in the classroom!

So, are you ready to grab your free Build a Taco Writing Activity? Just click here!


I want to see how your students built their own tacos so don't be shy to tag me on Instagram! I hope you enjoy this freebie!

Talk soon.

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