Things I stopped doing in my TPT Store after 8 months of selling


If you could go back in time, what are the things that you would avoid doing from the day you opened your TPT store? I have a lot on my list. Yeah, I get it. It was overwhelming at first. After my first month on TPT I wanted to have everything. The cliparts. The fonts. The views. The followers. The sales. I watched tons of helpful videos on Youtube, and I wanted to do everything all at once even if it's impossible. I bet even Superman couldn't do it. But let me tell you, it really does get better in time (or if you start on the right foot).

Disclaimer: These are all based on my personal TPT experience.

Here are the things I stopped doing in my TPT store:

1. I stopped joining Facebook groups/follow loops to gain new TPT followers or to get reviews on my freebies. This is the first on my list because if I had known right from the start that earning organic followers is the way to go, I would have continued creating products and not wasted time joining and posting to these FB groups.

I have nothing against people who do this. Who doesn't want to have lots of followers, right?! But these followers are not your people. They are not your buyers. (I learned this from different groups/forums I'm in). For me, it doesn't matter whether I have hundreds or thousands of followers because they will come in time. What matters more is that I have A LOT of sales and people follow me because they like my store or my products and not because of follow loops.

I left these FB groups in August and at the time I had 100 TPT followers. I don't remember how many followers I had before joining, but I remember stopping at 100 and since then, I've gained 33 organic followers. I can say these 33 followers are my people 😄

2. I stopped buying tons of cliparts. Fun fact: When I started creating products in March, I didn't buy cliparts. I used the ones from the public domain, but when I won $25 worth of clipart from Rainbow Sprinkle Studio back in April, everything had changed. 😁 I became obsessed! I checked cliparts every day with no intention of buying. But every month I made sure I was buying something so I can feed my obsession LOL. I have tons of cliparts just sitting in my folders, waiting to be used. Sometimes I get product ideas from these clip arts, but I could have saved $$ if I didn't get into clipart temptation 😆 I purchased a clipart growing bundle from RSS last month and a mega clipart growing bundle of backgrounds from Shannon Few months ago, and that's it!

3. I stopped joining HUGE giveaways on Instagram. Don't judge! 😅 We all want to win something and I want to win $1000. In exchange, I have to follow people they follow (you know the drill!). In the end, I unfollowed them because some of them are not TPT authors, and winning huge giveaways like that is a hit-or-miss (as we all know) 😆. Not really connected with TPT, but I just want to put it here for the world to see.

So, there you have it! I hope you learned a thing or two from this blog post! How about you? What are the things that you stopped doing in your TPT store? Let me know in the comments or you can DM me on Instagram!

Bye for now! 💓


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