Thanksgiving Day Turkey Craft

We are counting down the days to Thanksgiving 2021! Are you excited?! Cus I am! What Thanksgiving traditions do you do? What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? How do you celebrate Thanksgiving in the classroom? Just a quick fact: We don't have Thanksgiving in the Philippines, but Christmas is our biggest and most celebrated holiday and it is also like Thanksgiving... except we celebrate it as soon as September starts 😄

If I were teaching in the US, I would prepare so many activities about Thanksgiving. And one of those is we don't have to be grateful only during this time of the year. Thanksgiving should be celebrated every single day. Say "thanks" to your school's janitor, to the bus driver, to your teacher, to your neighbor. A simple "thank you" or showing a small deed goes a LONG way. And speaking of a Thanksgiving activity, I have prepared a Thanksgiving Day turkey craft that your students will definitely love! 

This is what I call The Thank-FULL Turkey. Why FULL? Is it because it's a big turkey? Or a fat turkey? No and nope! I call it The Thank-FULL Turkey because it is FULL and overflowing with gratitude. And that's what Thanksgiving is about. I was inspired to create this because I am so, so grateful for so many things in my life! And that gave me an idea of what to write on my next blog post 😀

But let me remind you that this turkey is REALLY HUGE. I printed the body on A4 paper so you can imagine its size. After the students are done with coloring and assembling the turkey, they will now start answering the writing prompts. 

The first writing prompt is WH-questions about Thanksgiving. They answer questions about their favorite Thanksgiving food/memory and what it means to them. We have a lot of students in the classroom and we don't really know a lot about their Thanksgiving traditions, so this is a nice way of sharing and getting to know them more.

The second is sequencing. They write how they cook their favorite Thanksgiving food and use sequencing words like first, next, and last. It helps them to think, and to narrate the order of events, in this case, the steps on how to cook their favorite food! 

The last one is the gratitude part where they write who they are thankful for and why. This is also a nice way of sharing why they are grateful for someone. It could be their pet, it could be you, it could be one of their classmates. You never know... Kids are a whole box of mystery! 😂

This is what The Thank-FULL Turkey looks like in the end. This will be a pretty addition to your classroom walls or hallway displays (or even in their homes) this Thanksgiving. But not on the bulletin board because it won't fit! Oops!

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You can assign this as a Thanksgiving activity in the classroom or as homework so they can work on their thank-FULL turkey with their families. And if you do, I would love for you to take photos and tag me on Instagram @theviralteacher, or send a DM! 

So, there you have it! I hope you enjoy this fun Thanksgiving Day turkey craft! Happy Thanksgiving! 💓

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