TPT Income Report from March to June 2021 (My First TPT Income Report)

Disclaimer: We are going to talk about money, so if you're the type who doesn't like the idea, please click out. I know people are curious and want to know how much money I made on Teachers Pay Teachers in my first few months. So here goes.

I love talking about income reports. Whenever I watch income reports from TpT sellers, I get more motivated and inspired to be better at what I'm doing. It feels great to see the result of my hard work, especially for a new seller like me. 

This post is NOT to brag. But to inspire other new sellers when it comes to selling on TpT or another platform that IT'S POSSIBLE. Just start, have a clear goal, and follow along with the current. 

Just a brief background, I started selling on TpT in March. I kid you not; it was a lot of work. I purchased a lot of clip arts (yay for investments!), and I don't think I'll need new clip arts anytime soon. I got my first sale on the 22nd of March, almost three weeks after opening my store.

I was not expecting a sale because it's been weeks, but I got $1.35 on my dashboard that night! I was not a premium seller yet, and I thought it'd be better to wait until I reached $59 so I could pay the premium amount. And that is one of my biggest mistakes.

Let's get to the fun part!

For March, I earned $39.05, but there's a dollar fee on PayPal, so I got $38.27 instead. Again, I was not a premium seller here, but I think I would be getting around $50 in earnings if I was. I mean, not bad for a new seller, right?

I became a premium seller a month after I got my first sale. My boyfriend and I discussed whether I should go premium or wait a bit more, but I bit the bullet and paid $59.95!

In April I got $40.07 minus PayPal fee = $39.27. If I had paid the premium a bit earlier, I would have gotten more than this, but it's okay. What matters most is that people are here for my products; I get to help them and the students! 

For May, I think I set my goal for $100 because I was already a premium seller, but I got more than that! 
I got $178.97 on PayPal and I was surprised. Being a premium seller really made a HUGE difference!

In May, I sold many of my digital escape rooms from Boom, so I'm focusing on creating more escape rooms for back-to-school and other holidays! I always base my products on best-selling products from the last months, so that is tip #2 for you!

It was almost summer vacation, and I was busy preparing for summer games and back-to-school resources. I received $153.96 on PayPal for June, which is not bad, considering teachers are looking forward to taking a break and not looking to teach anymore.

So, my main takeaway is that you must continue your actions because they will pay off in the end. It's a long process. If you're new, you can't expect to post a product today and sell it the next day. That's not how it works on TpT unless you're lucky. But nothing is impossible. Some sellers post a product today and sell it a few hours later. I started with less than ten products in March, and now I am down to 130. 

One of my main goals before the end of this year is to reach 200 or 250 products, and I know I can make it because this is my full-time job now. And second, anything is possible with hard work and dedication. I am excited to grow and learn as I go. I get discouraged sometimes (my sales are lower this month because of summer break), especially now that teachers are still on vacation, but I tell myself that summer will not last forever. 

Back to school is coming in a few weeks. Huge holidays are also coming, and I get to create seasonal products, which I am excited about the most! Just hang in there, keep creating high-quality products, and your hard work will pay off! 

If you have questions, please leave a comment below. My next blog post will be my income report from Boom Learning, so stay tuned!

Talk soon.


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