Back to School Digital Escape Rooms Games using the Boom Learning Platform

Have you ever taught a class without using the Internet? I have. And it was hard. I remember when I had my teaching demo in uni way back in 2014. I was using a blackboard and some pieces of paper to teach. It was tiring, and a lot of preparations were involved. Now, I can't imagine teaching without using the Internet. We shouldn't rely on it all the time, but being a teacher is already hard. So, why make it harder?!

Digital resources made my teaching life 10x easier. It's fun and engaging, and my students always ask for more. Now that the new school year is just around the corner, I have created tons of no-prep digital resources to use in the classroom (distance or in-person), including escape rooms.

Escape Rooms

An escape room is a game in which a team of players discovers clues, solves puzzles, and accomplishes a task to achieve a specific goal in a limited amount of time. I have created escape rooms for Math and English, and they are perfect for back to school, end of the year, assessment, review, or when you still have extra time to teach! Trust me, they are a total hit!  


This Back to School Escape the Bedroom is about Mike's first day of school. He wakes up feeling excited but finds out he is locked inside his bedroom, and the key is nowhere to be found. Help him by answering different challenges about the parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, verbs, personal pronouns, and adverbs) and obtaining codes to unlock the door. We don't want him to be late on his first school day.

Here are some of the cards that you will see inside the deck:




personal pronouns


When you finish a part of the speech activity, you will be given a code that you must remember or write on paper. You will need it at the end of the game to get the key.

Click the video to see the exact look of the deck.

The next escape room is Escape the Schoolbus.


Mike and his friends are on the way to school when they decide to take a nap. When they wake up, they are alone and in the middle of nowhere. The school bus door is locked, and the signal is weak. You need to obtain the bus driver's phone number so he can pick them up.

You can use this deck to review (or introduce) counting from 1-20, addition and subtraction to 20, single-digit multiplication, and division

Here are some of the cards that you will see inside the deck:

After you finish a set of activities, you will be given a number. There are a total of 7 numbers that you will get to call the bus driver. After that, type the phone number on the phone, and you can contact the driver and save Mike and his friends.

Click the video to see the exact look of the deck.

The last escape room is Escape the Classroom.


This time, the monsters invade Mike's classroom. They are starving, and they will only leave after you feed them. Do this by answering challenges about regular and irregular verbs and regular and irregular plurals.

This escape room will test how well you know regular/irregular verbs and plurals. It also involves cute monsters and appetizing food, which make the game more exciting!

Click the video to see the exact look of the deck.

Some cards will also require you to feed the monster (like a free play) after the activity.

These escape rooms are perfect for early elementary students and English language learners. If you are looking for highly entertaining and educational digital resources, why not try these escape rooms?! For sure, your students won't resist and will always ask for more!

Talk soon.


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