Black History Month Independent Reading Activities and Collaborative Coloring Posters for Elementary Students

As we gear up to celebrate Black History Month, it's time to make our classrooms buzz with excitement and knowledge. One fantastic way to do this? Drumroll, please... collaborative posters! 

Black History Month is our chance to shine a spotlight on the incredible stories and achievements of these African-American inventors that have shaped our world. And how do we plan on doing that? Enter collaborative posters – the dynamic, interactive, and downright fun way to make Black history come alive in our classrooms!

How to do this activity:

  1. Five reading tasks are included for each poster: Word Insertion, Summarization, Comprehension Questions, Clue Interpretation, and Cause and Effect.
  2. Students can create the poster OR get to know the inventor first by answering the reading tasks.
  3. After answering the reading activities, students will start creating a collaborative poster. Each student is assigned a small portion of a larger poster to color. Then, they assemble the individual sections and create the complete poster.

The reading activities and poster assembly can take up to 45 minutes-- enough to cover one class period! So, if you're looking for a less prep Black History Month activity, this one is for you!

Advantages of Collaborative Posters during Black History Month:

  • Collaborative posters are like the Avengers of the classroom – bringing students together as a super team. Working side by side, they'll discover, discuss, and bring the remarkable tales of Black trailblazers to life. It's all about that team spirit!
  • Collaborative posters encourage students to chat, brainstorm, and divvy up tasks. It's like a mini United Nations of ideas in your classroom. 
  • Once those posters are complete, they're not just educational masterpieces – they're classroom bling! Hang them proudly, and voila – your room transforms into a vibrant museum of Black history, spreading awareness and appreciation daily.

This activity will help students learn about the inventor and their inventions and collaborate with their classmates to create a fun, large poster to hang in the classroom or hallways!

Click here to check the complete set of the posters!

So, fellow educators, let's make this Black History Month one to remember! Get those collaborative posters rolling, spark those discussions, and let the classroom magic begin.

Talk soon!

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