Make End of the Year Math Fun with Easy-to-Implement Boom™ Cards Escape Rooms

As the end of the school year draws near, it's easy for students to lose focus and become disengaged in their studies. It's a problem that many teachers face each and every year. But what if there was a way to reignite their love of learning and make math exciting again? 

In this blog post, we'll explore why escape rooms work, how Boom Cards can add value, and provide Common Core-aligned activities for each grade level. 

Why Escape Rooms Work

Escape rooms have taken the world by storm for a good reason. They're challenging, fun, and engaging, making them an excellent way to reinforce essential math concepts. Escape rooms create a sense of urgency and excitement that students thrive in, providing a unique learning experience. 

How Boom Cards Add Value

Boom Cards are a digital tool that brings value to escape rooms by providing an interactive platform for students to engage with math concepts. With Boom Cards, students can access the escape room activity from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing flexibility and convenience. Boom Cards also offer interactivity that can't be achieved with traditional escape rooms. Students can receive immediate feedback on their answers and track their progress, making the experience more personalized and motivating.

Counting and Shapes for Kindergarteners

For younger students, Boom Cards can still provide a valuable learning experience. Kindergarteners can benefit from activities focusing on counting, shapes, and other basic math concepts. These activities help reinforce math skills and allow students to practice hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

In this escape room, students must help Mr. Sanchez wake up and escape the classroom by answering different math challenges, such as counting the objects and writing the number, solving word problems, and decomposing numbers less than or equal to 10.

Common Core-aligned Activities for 1st Graders

This math escape room provides a variety of Common Core-aligned activities that can reinforce math skills learned throughout the year. From counting and number recognition to simple addition and subtraction, these activities offer a range of difficulty levels to accommodate different learning needs. By incorporating these activities into end-of-year math escape rooms, teachers can provide their students with a fun and engaging way to review, practice and solidify their math skills.

In this escape room, students help Mrs. Jones escape from the library. Your students will help her finish her tasks and escape from the library, so she can enjoy her vacation. The math activities include addition, subtraction, and time word problems, comparing numbers, measuring objects, and telling time.

Mastering Place Value and Word Problems for 2nd Graders

Moving up to 2nd grade, students are ready to take on more complex math skills. However, it can be challenging for teachers to keep these young learners engaged while teaching them these more advanced concepts. That's where this math escape room comes in. With the help of Boom Cards, teachers can help 2nd graders master place value and word problems in fun and engaging way.

Word problems are another critical area where Boom Cards can be incredibly helpful for 2nd graders. By presenting students with real-world scenarios that require them to use math to solve a problem, word problems teach essential math skills and help students understand the practical applications of those skills. This escape room takes this further by adding a layer of interactivity that helps students retain what they've learned.

For this escape room, your 2nd graders help Miss Teresa, who was locked inside the school. You must access the WiFi password so she can call the security guard and asks for the key. 

Here's what other teachers say about these escape rooms:

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You can keep your students motivated and reinforce important math concepts using escape rooms' engaging and interactive elements. Whether you're working with kindergarteners, first graders, or second graders, these activities are Common Core-aligned and designed to help your students master key math skills. So why not escape the math crunch with Boom Cards? As you wrap up the school year, set your students up for success in the upcoming year by making learning fun and memorable. Remember, math doesn't have to be a chore - it can be an adventure!

Talk soon.

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