The Best Digital Christmas Activities for your Elementary Students

Seriously? How is it December already? Have I been swamped this whole time that I did not recognize it was December? I consider 2022 one of my best years (I don't even know what my other best years were, but here we are).

I truly believe that digital learning is here to stay, and luckily, I adore creating digital resources to save time in the classroom. So in this blog post, I will show you some of my best digital Christmas activities for your elementary students that are guaranteed NO PREP.

The Mystery of the Stolen Candy Canes

This is one of my best sellers during Christmas because who doesn't want a little mystery and adventure in this festivity? In this Boom Cards game, students will pretend to be detectives and find the thief by identifying the suspects and solving cryptogram puzzles. Sounds exciting, isn't it?

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Find out more about Boom Cards here.

Escape the North Pole

This math escape room will keep your 1st graders engaged and challenged! Here's the background:

The ice at the North Pole is melting, and all the presents are scattered everywhere! Help Santa reach the airport, so he can still deliver presents to the children.

This game is so fun, and I'm sure your firsties will be asking for more! What's more impressive is that this game is self-checking and provides instant feedback, which means students will need less supervision from the teacher.

The math topics covered are: counting to 30, skip counting by 2's and 5's, odd and even numbers, and counting backward. This math escape room is a great way to review students before the start of their winter break!

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Also, I have new Christmas reading comprehension and math escape rooms! Let's begin with math escape rooms. 

Escape the Train to the North Pole

For kindergartners, I have the Escape the Train to the North Pole, where students compare numbers and objects up to 10 while escaping the train and saving the passengers from the glacier blocking the train's railway.

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Escape Santa's Village

1st graders will be challenged to practice their 2D and 3D shapes skills while trying to escape Santa's village from the hatless and beardless Santa snowman.

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Escape Santa's House

If your 2nd graders' topic is counting money this December, this one's for you! Students will practice counting U.S. dollar bills and coins to escape Santa's house (because Santa's elf is apparently too naughty and not nice).

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Christmas Reading Comprehension Escape Rooms

My reading comprehension escape rooms are lots of fun because the stories are all Christmas-related (of course!). Second, each passage contains multiple-choice and WH- questions to practice their comprehension skills. Third, each escape room contains fun and joyous clip art that your students will love! And did I mention you do not need to print anything because they are in digital format? Yes, you heard it right! You can assign the deck to your students, who can independently practice reading and answering the activities.

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These digital games can be assigned for subs, homework, early finishers, group activities, or even whole class game. No preparation is needed for teachers, which is the primary purpose of this blog and my TPT store.

I accept suggestions for my resources, so if you have any, feel free to comment below or send me a DM on my Instagram. What activities are you doing before the winter break?

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